Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Weekend Drawin's

Here's some from a couple gigs over the weekend. This first one was an employee appreciation party. It was a carnival theme and I was placed drawing right next to some massage therapists. I told them that I tried to make people relax too from the smell of my markers.

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email thanking you again for coming to our event last night. You were a huge hit! Thanks for staying a little late, that was so unnecessary and greatly appreciated! I am sure we will be looking to use you again in the future! Thanks.

The next day my good friend Matt Zitman and I ventured out at 11pm to draw at a post prom until 3am. Thank God for energy drinks. There were a countless number of teenagers and everyone wanted a drawing. Kept all the drawings black and white for the sake of time.

The famous Zitman. In college he pressured me to become a caricature artist and I refused. He got my roomate to start drawing at Sesame Place and the summer after I caved in and joined him. Zitman taught me a lot from just watching him draw and working with him at Six Flags last summer. He is one of the best caricature artists I have ever seen and also a really awesome guy. Check out the link to his blog.

Last drawing of the night... we both gave a shot at really quick sketches. Every caricature artist sees something different in someone.