Friday, May 23, 2008

Live Caricatures

One from a horse racing BBQ.

The two kids on the end are sitting opposite of the way they were drawn.

Set up last weekend at a fair in Newtown,PA, my hometown. This was the third year I set up a tent. It is always a great time cause I get to hang out with my parents and eat good food with other good people. It was nice and busy with a lot of people getting drawings. That is until the rain started and never stopped. I had to take down the tent and retreat. Thanks Dad for your help. In return here is a gross looking drawing. Happy Belated Birthday!

It was all worth it. Too bad us caricature artists have no luck in the rain. The paper gets soggy and is really difficult to draw on. And forget about using the color sticks. I've had them rip right through the paper in the middle of drawing. That was when I did my time at Sesame Place. I've got a lot more events coming up. Busy, busy, busy. Will try and update more frequently.