Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Card

Every year I make a new christmas card to send out to family and friends. I try to capture something current that is going on in our family. Since I am getting married to the beautiful Martha Wright, err... I mean Martha Harris on January 4th, this seemed fitting.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Recent Commisions

I just finished up this Christmas Card for my future father-in-law's office. It was pretty rushed, but I got to spend a considerable amount of time on it regardless. What helped was that I just bought a new Wacom drawing tablet. My old one busted. Although it was a blessing because now I love this new one. This was my first experiment and I was pleased with the results. I did the initial drawing in pen and ink on bristol board.

Then I digitally colored it in Photoshop. I had fun making the christmas lights.

Later I added text with a greeting and their names.

So this was my second christmas card this year. I had some others interested, but didn't pan out.

I have a huge project I am working on now for a local deli. A poster of all of their employees, 24"x36". There are over 30 people in the drawing. It's taking a lot of time, but I am making the most of it. I will have photos of it once it is complete.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Corporate Party

I did a gig last week in Northern Jersey. It took almost three hours to drive there and there was snow and sleet on the roads. The party was reminiscent of the show The Office, and included the boss rapping with some awkward jokes. Very nice people though. I was doing mostly 3/4 profile drawings that day. These were some of my favorites...

Orville Redenbacher?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Barmitzvah Drawings

Some of my favorites from a Barmitzvah yesterday. All black and white drawings with the Markette and color sticks.

Look at that crazy thumb-nub on his right hand, can't quite figure out what I did there.

I was working on making my bodies more crazy, they seem to work better in getting a good laugh. I think this is kind of what I look like when I play baseball too.